Airbrush T-Shirts – Learn the Secret to Creating a Killer Airbrush Shirt


1. Utilize the correct Airbrush – This one’s simple. In case you’re at all genuine about needing to digitally embellish shirts, you need to get an IWATA Eclipse HP-BCS Airbrush. It’s a base feed Airbrush, which means the Airbrush paint bottle interfaces straightforwardly to the base of the Airbrush and is sucked up and pushed out the spout by a siphon made from the streaming air. Start with this Airbrush first and you’ll spare yourself a ton of cerebral pain.

2. Utilize the correct Airbrush Paint – The 2 major parts in Airbrush shirt paint are CREATEX and AQUAFLOW. As far as I can tell, AQUAFLOW does “stream” somewhat better however it’s not really perceptible. You can’t turn out badly with both of these two top brands.

3. Utilize the correct T shirt – 100% pre-contracted cotton or 50/50 mix. (half cotton half polyester) I’ve had the best outcomes by washing another shirt at any rate once before I Airbrush on it. This disposes of a large portion of the free filaments and furthermore deals with a portion of that underlying shading blur that will undoubtedly occur.

4. Utilize a decent structure – Take your time here. Amazing Airbrush shirts don’t simply occur. Concoct a decent structure on paper first. That way you can eradicate and make any revisions before you really put paint to shirt. It takes some control to draw first and Airbrush second, yet trust me, you’ll squander significantly less shirts thusly and end up with a superior completed item inevitably.

5. Get settled – Keep your workspace clean and work at an agreeable tallness. I want to stand when I enhance with Photoshop shirts. I utilize an enormous peg board with racking snares as my easel. This makes it simple to modify the tallness of my shirt board so I’m generally in an agreeable situation to Airbrush without stooping or stretch to complete a stroke.

6. Set up the shirt – After it’s been washed once, iron it to get the wrinkles out. Wrinkles act like magnets for digitally embellish paint over shower. Use clasps or clothespins to tie down the shirt to the shirt board so you have a decent level surface to chip away at. For most extreme shading speed, splash a layer of Frog Juice or CREATEX clear extender on the territory to be painted first, heat set it, at that point paint away.

7. Take as much time as is needed – There’s no surge, yet. Until you take your show out and about and begin doing shopping centers or flea markets, set aside the effort to ace your abilities first. Speed is significant and it will accompany time, however for the time being, center around each stroke. Toning it down would be ideal as well. Take a stab at getting that ideal blur in 1 go rather than 2. The less paint you put on the shirt, the better.

8. Play to your qualities – It’s unquestionably acceptable to be flexible however on the off chance that there’s 1 specific region of Airbrush shirts where you truly exceed expectations, take the plunge! Discover what you’re best at and what you love to paint the most, at that point ace that region. It’s simpler to fabricate a notoriety for being the most perfect at 1 thing, than it is to manufacture a notoriety for being pretty darn acceptable at various things.

9. Warmth press – Spray your completed digitally embellish shirt with another layer of CREATEX clear extender, utilize a warmth press to warm set it at 400 degrees for 20 seconds.

10. Do this process again – If you just followed the initial 9 stages, you could presumably get truly far as an Airbrush shirt craftsman, however who needs that? We need to be the best Airbrush craftsman ever. Like an incredible man once stated: “Steadiness and assurance alone are transcendent” If you took a drawing I did in first grade and held it close to some other normal first grader’s drawing, you would not have the option to tell which was which. after 30 years, in the event that you took a drawing I did now and held it close to some other normal long term olds drawing, I’ll wager you could differentiate. Why? Since I rehearsed more than they.